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Game of thrones ringtone -George R.R. Martin’s bestselling series “A Song of ice and Fire” has been brought to the small screen in the form of HBO’s wildly successful web series. It is the highly popular portrayal of two equally powerful families-the royal family of Cersei and her loyalists, the religious House of Cersei, and rogue knight Prince Joffrey and his royal band of royal bodyguards. It is the television adaptation of Martin’s much talked about fantasy novel, which won three Hugo Awards and was recently released on DVD.

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The series follows the story of Cersei, a Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, who finds herself at the court of King Robert in the Iron Islands. Her small kingdom is torn apart by internal strife as she must deal with the growing threat of wildfire and the mysterious and malicious behavior of her brother, the king’s sickly king, Cerion Stormborn. This series also features important supporting characters such as Sansa, a knight who is Sansa’s cousin and the mother of King Joffrey; Shae, a woman whom Cersei loves but whose past Cersei does not know; and Tyrion, a dwarf who works as a secret agent for Cersei.

The majority of this first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones was filmed in Ireland. Season 2 will be filming in the United Kingdom, with the production company of parent company, HBO, confirming the news last month. Season 3 will be filmed in the United States, with no word on whether or not shooting will occur in Canada. No new information has been released yet regarding where filming will take place or how many episodes each season will have.

Already the cast of Game of Thrones includes many famous names from Hollywood. It only makes sense that the show would be popular among the geek set as well, given the fact that the majority of its characters are played by actors or actresses of this caliber. This web series is just getting started, but it already has its fan base and it looks like it will be a big hit. For those who haven’t watched the HBO series, it might be wise to catch up on it while you can, because you won’t want to miss out on all the fun.

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