game in tamil (விளையாட்டு)

Game in tamil -The game of Maayana has been popular ever since Tamil Nadu government began to promote the game in different schools, government offices and even in different Tamils. Now the game is available in all major languages of India and even outside India as well.

This is a wonderful thing because it indicates that there are various ways to promote the game without depending on one particular medium. In this scenario, people from non Tamil-speaking countries can also learn the language. The game can be easily learned in the Nepal and Kenya as well.

The game of Maayana was introduced in Tamil Nadu as soon as the first edition was published in Dambwa newspaper in 1950. Since then the popularity of the game has spread like fire. The main reason why people in other parts of India and even in other countries have become interested in the game is that Tamils are closely related to Tamil, a part of India.

The language in Tamil Nadu is very close to that of Tamil, and this is why people who know Tamil and also know Hindi can use the language in the game. Moreover, people who speak Hindi can speak Tamil as well.

The game is an association of skill, imagination, strategy and luck and all these things combine to make it a game of fun. When we are young we do not have many options to choose from and hence we tend to follow our instincts and pick something which is easy to learn.

This is not always a wise decision, and sometimes not a possible option at all. That is why the game of Maayana which is played in Tamil, is a good option for us because it offers a variety of learning opportunities which will not be possible in other options.

People who know Tamil can also understand and speak Maayana. This makes the game all the more interesting for them. On the other hand, those who do not know Tamil cannot play the game for the simple reason that they do not know the language.

The language of Tamil is known as Kannada and is also spoken in a neighboring state of Karnataka in India. The other languages which are spoken in India are Marathi, Hindi and Punjabi.

There are various benefits of learning the Tamil language. Those who want to work in the tourism sector can surely learn the language and accordingly plan their activities. There are plenty of educational institutions and colleges in India that offer courses in the language.

Some colleges even have a distance learning option and people can easily learn it here. This has made the country very attractive to tourists and students from all around the world.

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Students who have enrolled for such courses have benefited a lot. The standard of education in such institutions is excellent. There are various colleges which offer the distance learning facility in the language and they are very easy to access from anywhere in the country.

The main advantage of learning the Tamil language is that the speakers of this language are strong and mature and can converse fluently in this language. Hence, there are no problems when it comes to communication.

Another benefit is that the learners get a chance to use some Tamils around them. This makes them feel at home, and they feel comfortable. They can also talk about different things using the language. There are many organizations which encourage students to learn the language.

These organizations organize conferences and events in the language and provide certificates to those who complete the course successfully.

Students from all over the country can participate in these programs and become good friends with people from other states. They can exchange information on travel destinations, places to visit etc.

This makes their journey very exciting, and they keep in touch with everyone they meet. It is a great way of learning and people from all over the country can join this game which is liked by all and can be played even by children too.

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