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bucks game

Bucks game is an NBA showcase event that was hosted in Milwaukee the week of February 28th. I live about six hundred miles from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

The Bucks game was the second night of a seven game series that featured the defending NBA champions, Miami Heat. This game ended in a Celtics win. I went to the game and remember some of the memorable moments.

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The first quarter brought a thrilling close to what has been a terrific season for both the Bucks and Heat. The Bucks were leading by three at the half, but a crazy drive by Lebron James and a couple of late baskets by the Heat made it a six game series.

I’ve never seen so much crazy on the court at any other NBA game. Lebron was absolutely ridiculous, as was several members of the Bucks’ starting five.

As the Bucks game went on, a few things started to happen that would have an impact on the outcome of the series. First, Lebron started to get more run.

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bucks game

He scored a layup with seven seconds left in the first half. Then during the second half he took over. He scored six of his eight points during a 12 point second half run that won the game for the Bucks.

Second, the Heat started to slow down a bit. There are several things that can be blamed on this, most notably the weather and the fact that it was now less than a week since the All-Star break.

But, the Heat were not going to be able to win any games that weekend. The Bucks game was on Saturday and the next day, the Heat were playing in Toronto.

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The Bucks were up late before kick off again. This time it was the Miami Heat. They had just come from Toronto in the first round against the Indiana Pacers.

The game started on Tuesday, when the Bucks were on a nine game road trip. Once the Bucks hit the road for their next game, they lost their final three games by a score of 24-points.

Right after the Bucks game ended on Tuesday night, the Bucks headed to Toronto to face the pesky Toronto Maple Leafs. The game went without incident.

In fact, the two teams even had a nice and comfortable back and forth battle that the Bucks won. But, the ending was much different than what happened during Monday night’s game.

On Saturday morning, the Bucks were notified by the Milwaukee Bucks arena management that the NBA playoffs would be starting on Sunday, April 15th at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Milwaukee was forced to miss their series finale against the Heat because of the cancelation of the game due to severe weather. Now they are left with no other choice but to play on Sunday. How will they fare against the defending NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers?

The Bucks game is still available on the NBA2K video channel. But the real action is happening on Saturday night at the Kohl Center in downtown Milwaukee. This venue seats about 11,000 people and it was very easy to see why the Bucks won the first game.

The defense played great and the offense did not have as many chances to shoot the free throw. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team that looks every bit as good as the Chicago Bulls. It appears as if they will defeat the Milwaukee Bucks in what should be a very good NBA Finals series.

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