Best Hot Web Series Available in india

Hot Web Series Available in Streaming Platforms

India has been getting increasingly hot in the web series world. The country has always had a big penchant for this business. Just the mere mention of its name immediately gives away that this is indeed a hot pick. Most of the adult and Indian web erotica comes from this concept of bhabhi or sister-in-law pornography, otherwise called the Bollywood movie industry.

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hot web series

The most famous of this type of media production is the Indian web series called Laxmi Vilas Deewana. In this drama, a man’s wife goes on a wild goose chase to save her much beloved husband from a violent blackmailer/stalker who has become a household name in the region.

The premise is that she wants to end up with her husband but he doesn’t want to be caught in the act. He tells her that he has an arranged marriage with another woman and will not allow his family to be threatened in any way. To add to the tension between the two, the actress called Laxmi stalkers him constantly with several calls that keep him on his toes.

The interesting part here is that the character she is after, the man, has another wife who also wants the arranged marriage to come to an end.

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Hot Web Series

An alternate version of this hot web series is a Kamal Amrohi! That tells about a young woman in the 19th century India. She is an orphan and a housekeeper at a well-to-do Indian household. She loves cooking and wants to get into the kitchens of her rich friends to show them what she knows but she is so shy that she hides her face behind her hands.

The only way she is able to meet her friends and get introduced to them is through the Internet and she decides to share her knowledge to her friends who in return help her in learning cooking skills.

Another hot web series that you can watch on different platforms is Happy Go Laughter. This web series was created by studio Deccan Media for YouTube. The first episode of this series is available on the YouTube channel. The entire series is made available on different platforms because of its success on YouTube.

The first episode of this web series revolves around a set of twins who are in love with each other but due to their birth dates they are not able to meet up. The reason why this happened was because one of them was going on a date with another girl and since she didn’t know their true identities they ended up in jail.

The name of the web series in India is Love After. This TV series which was very popular in India has been seen on various channels and is still very popular to this day. It tells the story of how a girl is able to seduce men of her dreams on the basis of love and passion.

The second hot web series that you can watch on different platforms is called Ullu. This popular web series revolves around the life of a beautiful and intelligent young woman who falls in love with a boy from her village. She even falls in love with him even though she knows she should not have.

The Ullu series is based on real events. The director Ritesh Shuker takes care to make the story as authentic and relatable as possible. The first two episodes of Ullu have reached the top positions on YouTube.

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The third hot web series available on YouTube is called An Course in Miracles. This is another adult web series that was created by Viacom Video India. This TV series which has been viewed more than three hundred million times is about a man who is willing to give yoga classes to people who come to his gym class.

The website where this series is available has several videos of people who are trying out different yoga styles. Many of these videos have been viewed more than a hundred times.

The fourth most popular and yet least watched Indian web series on streaming platforms is called Bollywood Style. This is an interesting series about celebrities of Bollywood and their lives in general. You can find several streaming websites that allow you to watch this popular TV series in Hindi or English. It usually begins with Hindi ads and then moves onto English once it gets going.

Top 5 Most Bewitching Adult Web Series on Amazon Prime

Adult web series are generally the short shows intended for those who are above 18 years. These webisodes tend to be more light-hearted than their full-length counterparts. Watching a cool, sexy webseries with your significant other might make for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Read on to know what is out there, what are your preferences and what fits best into your life.

adult web series

Hindi Web Series:

The Hindi film industry is home to some of the best female performers in India. Their sexiness has always been on the radar and that continues to be true even in the adult content. From bikini scenes, shootouts and romantic interludes, Hindi movies have always been known for it’s sexiness. Now, with the easy availability of streaming adult content, you can enjoy Hindi movies at home. Watch them whenever you feel the urge to watch something hot and spicy!


More viewers in India are starting to appreciate the erotic charms of Indian women and are looking for some steamy, sensuous and downright seductive moments. Bangles is one such erotic series which is perfect for those who are looking for a good dose of titillation. It is set in an ancient ephemeral world where everything happens around the dancer, this wholesome Indian fantasy is sure to keep all its viewers spell bound. You can also purchase the Bangles erotic video on a streaming platform from any part of the country!

Telugu Web Series:

Telugu has been considered one of the most happening cities in India. A lot of erotica fans are loving the sweet, innocent and charming moments captured in the films and the scenes shown in the telugu adult web series are no exception. The director’s lens is set primarily on the erotica fan base in the state which is why the sex scenes in the series are mostly shot in the beautiful deserts and the serene backwaters of the state. All the scenes are shot in high definition and the vivid colors add a heavenly touch to the entire experience! With such a promising start, the popularity of the show is sure to surge!


This is a new series which has been getting immense popularity in India. The director’s name is Priya Paul and the story is about a young woman from the remote island of Andhra Pradesh. She comes to the city of Hyderabad in search of work and as soon as she lands up in the city, her path is stormed by a certain sort of boy. The boy forces the girl to go on a two week cruise and in the process, he falls in love with her and makes arrangements for her to meet her prospective husband.

Tees maar Khan:

This adult web series has been receiving tremendous response from the people of rural india ever since it was launched. The plot of the show revolves around a 22 year old girl who moves to a new town in rural India. There she meets a boy and becomes his confidante and later on, they become lovers. So far the producers have received warm ovation for their performance and this has made the show one of the most promising plots in recent times. The character of the show is so likable that the producers even plan to release an updated version starring Priya Paul named as Tees Maar Khan 2.


This series is about a young girl from Kerala who falls in love with an American soldier. She follows him for many months until the series ends. The story revolves around the intimate scenes that take place between the two. The sex scenes are extremely passionate and it is hard to resist from watching this series.

So what are you waiting for? These are only some of the most popular and most binge-watching shows on Amazon Prime. These stories are based on bestselling novels and the story revolves around ancient mythology and myths. So go ahead and start binge-watching Amazon Prime’s adult series in order to experience a mind blowing fantasy adventure with your loved ones.

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