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So he used to play games in his childhood, no, I am not talking about PUBG and Free Fire. The games which are played outside the house means outdoor games such as thief police, hide-and-seek on the river mountain.

It got a little messy. But you get me point, yes, so what if outdoor games became lethal while playing in your childhood? Suppose you are playing the thief police, and what will you do if the police shoot you after catching you?

Yes, this is the story of Netflix squid game, so today all of us are going to talk about the series called Squid Game which is coming on Netflix. Why it is so good that people have become crazy about it, and why this Netflix May be the best series in the world.

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Squid Game Review

So the squid game on Netflix is ​​a nine episode Korean series, which is the best battle royale format. If you guys have not played games like PUBG or Fortnite, then let me tell you that the price of battle royale is very simple. 400 500 people go to someone area and compete with each other there.

squid game

What is left in the end is called the winner, and we wish to experiment like Battle Royale There are many movies and shows that have been built on this formula, but Squid Game stands out in the most different and better way.

Fundament in this is very simple, because the main characters of the show are your friends who borrowed money from you and now on meeting you either their mother or girlfriend gets a call and when they run away from their borrowers. They keep running here and there.

squid game

That means overall their life is completely ruined. Then an offer is made to them that you participate in a game, in which if you win, you will get crores of rupees and naturally without thinking about the coincidences, worrying about them.

Everybody participates in it. But when they come to know that the matter is much more serious than what is being shown because you get to know all these things in a few minutes of the first episode and when I started watching it my expectations were absolutely fine.

I knew yes the show was going to be good, but I didn’t know that the show would be so good. Meaning, there is something for every human being in this show. If you want to watch drama, then that is it. Then after this, comedy clips will also be available a little bit.

squid game

Then there is the action sequences mystery thriller Kya Kuch Nahin and yes, if you like to watch Khoon kharaba , then I have not seen too many Korean movies before. Just saw the flop Evil the Good Detective Stranger and then some mystery shows called Beyond Evil.

Murder mystery and its reason was the only one because this is my personal favorite genre and I feel that the writing of Korean shoes, their performance and their direction speaks on a different level, so that’s why I was interested but squid game Korean film The level of making is also taken a note higher because its writing performance is just ordinary or not very good. Very simple extraordinary.

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The show collects and packs a lot of things and carries them along with it. Like social quality, then followed by immigration owner Sikh season female empowerment. To what level can a person fall? You will get to see so many things. And this show moves very fast.

If you are thinking that for 1 minute these people are doing comedy, then in the next minute rivers of blood will flow here and you will not be able to imagine. Like there is too much focus on everything. The winning sets of the show are also heavily printed and a lot of work has been done on their detailing.

After this, there is also Guard, etc. to win. All their costumes look the same, but even after that you can tell which guard is at which level and how much senior and how much junior is for example I will not give spoilers, don’t worry, there is a task with a glass. .

Those who saw it would know that the entire set piece was created in such a brilliant way that you will be able to feel all the excitement and the feeling of adventure and thriller trade inside it.

Plus the lighting and color shades have been used very well in fact the whole staircase scene has been created, which means the way leading to the hall, I also liked it very much. Then after that, if I talk about the character, then there is a 400 500 character in the show, but from the start of the show, someone shares that which character is important and only they are going to matter, but some times these people are just simple.

The stories will also take such a huge unexpected turn that you guys could never have imagined. I will say just one word, when any show or movie settles so many things together then there are very high chances. It will fail at some point or the other.

Meaning there will be one thing which is a little more liked and the other will be a little less good. Meaning there are compromised fields but you will not feel this thing. Meaning that each topic has been explored in such a great way by picking up its property and what you are shown in the beginning matters till the end.

squid game

Everything is properly justified and you will not feel like it is doing a very unique job, but here I would also like to point out that there were some characters that I thought were even better Or their bag stories should have been shown to us in a better way but still because the show season two can be clicked.

So there is still hope. Then after that the background score of the show perfectly complements each and every episode so well that you can’t even imagine. Sometimes it happens that the background music will settle down so much that you won’t even realize that something is going on.

It seems that your phone is vibrating, it has happened to me. But apart from all these things, the most important part of this entire show is its writing. Meaning the story is the life of this entire show. If you guys are thinking this show is a game best and nothing else will happen then it is not like that at all.

Yes, games are the main part of the show, but other than that, there’s so much stuff going on in the background. The story of the game keeps going along with it and that too is equally important. They will keep you engaged the whole time. It will not seem that the game shows what boring you are and the whole story, its set pieces, characters and everything is designed in such a beautiful way that you will get the claustrophobia feeling.

Means a place is closed and want to get out of there. The filling of that thing is perfectly captured. I was really surprised to see a few scenes from the entire show. Just like the conversation between two man characters, I know it sounds boring to hear, but when they both start talking to each other, the story of both of them is so much in crossing that you can completely Well, you will get lost in that conversation, when it comes to making the final decision, you will find it very difficult to really judge.

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But these shows focus the most on this thing, that is to show the dark side of a person, it has been told very well that there are some dark spots inside every person and when needed, survival instinct is clicked. But that thing will turn out very well and now one will only think about himself. Even if he had to kill the person in front of him. Now I don’t know whether this thing has happened to me or not.

Then there is the battle of good versus bad and the bad guys are very bad. But the good people who are there are also not good at all and some very dark shaded characters exist in the team of good people, so overall it is a very good series of screens to be on Netflix and if you guys If you haven’t seen it yet, then definitely watch it.

One thing is very important which I told, there are some R rated scenes and there are other things that should not be seen with mom and dad. So if you want to avoid that thing then don’t watch at all. Apart from this, there is a lot of bloodshed and I personally saw in Korean language because I feel better by the way.

But if you want, English language is also available, which can be understood very easily. You show will not surprise you so much because there are many things that are predictable and the show does not try to hide this thing at all. They will already tell you what things can happen and what is going to happen.

The fun of watching this entire show is its movies. That’s the whole battle royale scene, then there’s the set piece, there’s the background music, there’s the character chemistry, there’s storytelling.

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