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Now people are really scared to leave their homes and take the trouble of getting ready to watch the film among 100 people.

Whether it is right or not, you do agree ? and finally a new twist has come in this fight. Because Netflix has caught a big fish this time from the sea of ​​Bollywood, whose name is Dhamaka.

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Yes Karthik Aryan starrer A big budget film which can lead to long queues in cinema halls lying almost dead nowadays, she will come straight to your house and watch on mobile TV screen and you know it has written big records even before its release.

The first thing is that the entire film has been shot in just 10 days, the second big thing is that Akshay Kumar magic has been beat by Kartik Aaryan.

Ask how because Akshay’s film Laxmi was the most expensive film till date, But Dhamaka 2021 movie has overtaken it on any OTT platform with almost 130,00,00,000 deal with netlix.

949236 kartikaaryan dhamaka 20crore

Till date no film has been offered such a heavy price. Kartik Aaryan is the new star in the making of maybe the film Kaisi Hai Good or Bad will talk about it after its release on 19th November.

At present, the trailer of the film created a blast on YouTube. The whole story revolves around this black coat which belongs to a media journalist. Listen to the news of the world seven to eight in the evening on TV, with chilli masala in loud loud voice, just the same sir, this is the bell of the journalist sir’s phone which has increased very fast, this time there is no leader on the other side of him, police or businessman but His connection is a terrorist.

Terrorist who has received threat to blow up the city of Mumbai. A bridge will start, a lot of people die from a bridge, but this phone has become a bigger villain than the bell.

Dhamaka 2021 Movie

Actually, if Karthik is even a little late, there will be a blast in Mumbai, that too is not like red blooded in which he is going to have a lot of personal loss. Moreover, the reporter babu will be shown live on this entire processor screen, people will be shown the biggest villain of the country due to which innocent people lost their lives but the story is more deceitful than it looks simple and simple.

What is true or false zero idea. Who is the mastermind behind this phone call? Does his reporter babu recognize him or not? Blast is the best at this only. Watch the trailer was cut in a very clever way we do not know how the film will end, who is going to survive in the end?

A lot of questions have been omitted, especially the VFX which is put in the last part of this bomb, the computer effects, they look real to a great extent.

If the feeling of cartoon comes, then the mood gets spoiled, plus which is the most controversial topic. Real life news is not made to be seen and sold. By putting it on the center, the makers of the film have become Khatron Ke Khiladi and the coolest thing is that this time Karthik is going to play a serious non-sense character, not a comedy time pass but a completely different character.

maxresdefault 1 1

We know this Chintu Tyagi style suits the guy. But this character with black coat with thick eyes on the eyes, is Kartik really perfect for this role? You tell in the comments. Didn’t take too much risk, their makers named Bade Darshan Chhote Yeh Haal To Nahi Hain Hai, my answer is no. No, not at all because I have faith in the person who is making this film and I know only after taking out the real power of Karthik.

Especially when Karthik starts acting with only eyes without any dialogue, then understand that the direction will be of dangerous level. Who is the director Ram Madhvani, are you thinking this? I can answer in just two words, I have heard both these names Neerja and Arya.

Must have seen the film and series. If the creators of both of them were the same, then the expectation from the blast would go straight to the sky. The second advantage is that this film is not the original but a remake, so how to rotate the story by putting a suspense request, you will already get the answer sheet for copying it.

Korean movie by the name of Terror Life. Bus Dhamaka will try to proceed on the same path. Finance will make small changes like Korea will become India and Korean will become Hindi. But friend this copy will have to be completed with agar because a Korean drama named Squid Game  has recently created a buzz in the whole world.

It takes a lot of guts to remake Korean Contact at such a time. There was a little tinkering. The original story will be drowned instead of the film’s naya par lagega plus insults will be found separately for free. Right now the verdict of the people is acquitted. You say what do you think?

Karthik these blasts will get green signal from your side or red light like Squid Game , quick fire shot, comment and tell immediately,

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