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Jalsha is an online portal that promotes Indian General entertainment TV shows, news and movies. It is the most trusted portal in India when it comes to television broadcast. The website is hosted by Star India, an Indian multi-national TV and film company. Jalsha TV is one of the many channels launched by Star in India, which is focused at a specific niche for the Indian audience.

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Jalsha TV has been broadcasting on various cable, satellite and digital television channels. Earlier in December 2021, the website had celebrated its 2nd year in operation.

In this period it had successfully launched sixteen different channels in over thirteen languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayu and Marathi. Apart from Hindi and Marathi the website also carries the Telugu language movie and news show.

Jalsha’s motto is’Powered by the Internet’ and it is evident in the website’s design and operating process. In this website, all subscribers are given the option to view the website free of cost and in their homes or anywhere as per their convenience.

Jalsha has successfully become a leading pay per view television channel owned and operated by Star India Ltd, a leading full-color entertainment company in India with over two decades of experience.

As per the terms and conditions of Star, all subscriber can promote their websites via Jalsha TV. This will help them generate leads for their respective companies.

This affiliate marketing technique is one of the latest ways to generate leads and generate revenue for your business. In this method of TV advertisement, you can directly earn money from viewers of your programs who purchase the Jalsha DVD or Jalsha Video subscription from your website address.

You can also earn additional revenue through Jalsha Movie Review Ads, Jalsha Facebook Ads and Jalsha blog reviews.

The website offers many premium channels that can be enjoyed for a reasonable price from all around the globe. A subscriber of this website can watch his favorite movies at any time frame.

An extensive library of Bollywood movies and reputed Bengali movies are available for customers to enjoy their favorite leisure activities.

Every month millions of people all over the world watch Jalsha movie online and on their mobile phones. With the success of Jalsha TV, Star India has decided to enter into a huge market of advertisers that will generate revenue for the company through Jalsha Movie Advertisements.

The company is focusing on expanding its reach and penetration in the Indian television audience by targeting the cable subscribers as well as the viewers of the Jalsha TV channel. The company is also planning to launch other Indian television channels in the near future.

A big attraction of the Star India Jalsha movie website is that they can offer a large variety of TV shows including comedy, dramas, children’s programming, lifestyle, cooking shows, news, travel and adventure, family, lifestyle and a lot more. If you are a HD fan, you can experience the best of Indian culture through this website.

Other than watching the popular Jalsha TV series, the website has been successfully successful in selling out a number of Jalsha movies and launching many HD movies on DVD.

As the demand for more Indian films is increasing day by day, so is the popularity of the website. People are finding it difficult to purchase DVDs from the major studios due to the rampant piracy of some of their films in the market. The popularity of the Indian film industry is increasing because of the availability of quality Indian movies on the Jalsha website. The site is also helping the south Indian cinema industry by promoting the movies and releasing them in different parts of the country and abroad.


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