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Pirates of the Caribbean has always been one of Hollywood’s most exciting movies ever. With the recent release of the second part, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of Monkey Fist, the fan-base has grown even larger

. This movie is a perfect gateway into the world of pirate adventure. It introduces the crew of the ship Jolly Roger, and chronicles the adventures of its few human passengers. A fan of pirates of the Caribbean will enjoy this film with all the necessary hooks.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of Monkey Fist tells the story of a group of unlikely friends who form an elite band of pirates and save the poor man, Jack Sparrow (in his new role as a double). The crew of the “antine boat” has an unspoken code that protects them from any harm. However, when a freak accident leaves their captain, Barbossa (Javier Bardella), dead, their ability to continue this protection is severely hampered.

When Barbossa realizes that his ability to command the ship is slipping away, he orders his men to attack any vessel that docks. Once they have done so, the captain uses a magical mirror to turn the unsuspecting pirates into mindless, loyal body guards. With their new identity and weapons, the pirates of the Caribbean then storm the unsuspecting Spanish ship, Theasure of the Caribbean, and capture it. Now they are to face the ultimate pirate challenge: The Pirates of the Caribbean! (Special Features-double feature DVD set)

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In the opening scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean, we see several members of the crew setting sail for home. Barbossa and his two allies prepare to ambush the unsuspecting Spanish ship. At first they are successful, but then the fog starts to fill the sea and the pirates must find passage through it. This means boarding the ship without their gear on and risking getting stranded. With no means of leaving port, Barbossa must rely on fellow pirate, Deuce Phillips (Beverly D’Angelo), to act as a guide and find a way out of the fog.

As the story progresses we learn more about the motivations of each character. We learn that there is a mole inside the Spanish ship which is also threatening to derail their plans. Barbossa meanwhile realizes that the only way to increase his power and get the upper hand in the Caribbean is to enlist the aid of one of his associates, Deckard (Pedro Sutter), who has the same motives for joining up with the pirates. The two combine their resources to make the most of their situation and successfully leave Spain. But as they travel along the coast, the fog begins to fill up and they are forced to re-cross into Mexico.

The opening scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean feature one of the film’s memorable scenes. Barbossa is preparing to take on the pirates of the Caribbean when he spots a Spanish ship sailing with a cargo of gold. He then radios his fellow pirates and together they prepare to ambush the passing ship. Although the crew of the Spain has every reason to mistrust Barbossa, he insists that they need to form an alliance in order to sail to the West Indies.

As the allies make their way through the swamps, the pirates manage to capture the vessel and hold it prisoner. Aboard this prison ship are the “rats” who have been recruited into the pirate crew by Deuce Phillips (expert in disguise and body language). In the midst of their captivity, the “rats” begin to sing a song which slowly grows to become an integral part of the entire movie. Although the black pearl necklace which the band members now wear helps them to blend in better with the natives of Barbados, the gold necklace is what really matters to Barbossa. As he gains the upper hand over his foes, he banishes all but two pirates from the island (including Phillips’ wife, played by Barbara Gordon). However, he then allows Phillips to leave with his prize (the black pearl necklace), and he becomes the sole Pirate alive.

Pirates of the Caribbean ranks as the first movie ever to earn more than $1 billion at the box office. It also ranks as the only movie where the title character ( Barbossa) survives a shipwreck. Barbossa’s eventual fate at sea is further revealed in the sequel, where he is cursed. The curse causes him to change into a monster, thus leading his return to sea and the subsequent sinking of his ship.

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