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If you are a music lover who loves to keep in touch with your favorite music groups or individuals, then you should consider setting up an individual SMS tone for each member of the group. Since you are able to send a single message to all your contacts, this would enable you to instantly send updates regarding any event that occurs within your circle of friends. You can even customize your personal ringtones so that it matches your mood and style. Now, all you need is to know how to change your phone’s default ringtones.

Navigate to Settings> Notifications> You will open your android mobile’s dialer settings, where you are able to modify the ringing tone for each contact. How does you do so? You can either change a basic call tone from your customized ringtones, or change a specific phone call from the default ringtones. To do so, simply touch the 3 dots at the top right of your screen, and look for the section marked “individual SMS tone”. Select it and change its value from the type of music that you want, to another type of music. If you need this function so that you can send multiple sms to different contact links, then you should use the multiple SMS option.

You may also modify your individual SMS tone by selecting different ringtones for different contacts and sending the same message to various people in your contact list. With this feature, you will be able to inform different people of different events as they happen to you. However, you are not required to use this feature when you are sending sms to people who are not in your contact list. There are some other interesting features which can be found in the default ringtones for android, but these are some of the most commonly used ones. In case you need other cool features to customize your sms messaging, you can download various cool ringtones for android on the internet.


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