What is your favourite scene from TVF’s Kota Factory season 2

What is your favourite scene from TVFs Kota Factory season 2

What is your favourite scene from TVF’s Kota Factory season 2?

Season 2 of this popular cooking show featuring the genius chefs of Thailand, Niki and Mina launched with a bang and it has not let go since! Every Thai fan will love their spicy and sumptuous dishes and those that don’t even speak Thai will be in awe at how great these chefs are.

The Niki and Mina show is about food, fun and adventure, so we have a lot to talk about this season. Niki is from Phuket, so naturally she is into cooking, but she takes it to a whole new level by having every meal at her restaurant, Kota Factory. She invites the guests over for dinner and introduces them to her signature dishes, where they get to experience the best of what Thailand has to offer. draftsight 2020 crack Niki and Mina’s hilarious Thai show that captivates with their witty comments about their food and how to cook it, makes it fun and relatable for the audience. When you watch TVF’s Kota Factory you will laugh, cry and feel like you’ve been transported into another world that is full of colour, fun and adventure!

It starts with the funny moments between Niki and Mina, as they prepare the food at the restaurant. Mina spills her drink on the floor, so Niki goes to clean it up, only to find her clothes have stains all over it! When Niki asks her what she has done, she replies, ‘I spilled my drink!’ This spills onto a napkin and Niki picks up the towel to wipe it off, only for it to stay on the napkin! Mina gets embarrassed and begins avast secureline crack yelling at Niki, so she stops talking and just sits in the kitchen to find the napkin. This leaves Mina completely embarrassed and confused, but Niki has more than enough time to think about what she has done and comes up with an idea!

After a few more hilarious gags and one incredibly awkward and embarrassing story (Niki accidentally swallowed her egg! ), the episode comes to a halt. Everyone has realised that Niki is in love with Mina but no one can figure out what she wants or where she wants to go with her new friend. Willy tries to give her a tour of the factory, but Niki is too nervous to go. Willy suggests that she join him, but Niki quickly reminds Willy that she only uses the kitchen sometimes!

The next episode sees Willy and Niki spending some time in the kitchen and Niki finally realises that Willy is actually just a customer, who pays for his food. The three of them end up sitting in the waiting room and watch as the factory make a huge purchase. Willy finally comes to the realisation that he is in love with Niki.

So this is what is your favourite scene from TVF’s Kota Factory. I have to admit that I had quite a hard time choosing between scenes because they are all so funny. If you are a big fan of the show, chances are that you have already watched episodes from seasons one and two. However, if you haven’t seen these brilliant comedy series then they are worth catching up to!

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