Asur web series Review

We have heard many tales of God and Satan.

If you do good, you will meet God, and if you follow the path of evil, then there is a 100% guarantee of meeting Satan. But if I tell you that both good and evil are sitting inside all of us, and God or Satan will not come from above, but it is hidden inside us.

The decision of who has been taken out at what time is in your hands. This world is too small. What you give to it, in return, comes back to you. If not today, then tomorrow your calculations will be done equally.

It’s hard to believe, but Asal has blown everyone’s senses. There was a time when we went completely crazy about Sacred Games and couldn’t stop praising Indian cinema. But to be honest, this time, the father-in-law has crossed that level too. One such intelligent web series has come in front of us, which scares you and forces you to keep an eye on yourself.

Thrill, suspense, and mystery have a tremendous amount of science, making Asura stand out by bringing the rest of the Indian web series. The most important thing is that there are eight episodes in this web series which is 30 to 40 minutes long. If you want to watch the entire show in VOOT, you can reach its end in about 5 hours.

Asur web series

Where do you think where to watch it, then you will get all the episodes of Asur on Wood and the amazing thing is that you can watch it free for 14 days.

Asur web series

The series begins with some strange murders, on which the entire police department gets destroyed at a glance. Human life is being played so that the person in front starts remembering God as soon as he sees it. All these models always have two things in common.

The first is this strange-looking mask, whose connection is associated with the Devil, and the second is the similarity that the index finger of his right hand is cut off from the body of every person. In such a situation, the responsibility of solving these cases is CBI.

It is handed over to the senior officer of Dhananjay Rajput. He is very clever with his mind and is considered an expert in capturing big monsters. His secret runs in science, and by recognizing the different smells flying in the air from fingerprints, he solves the big mystery by pinching.

To support them, another CBI officer Nikhil is imported from Special Foreign. He was once a student of Ranjay. But in the matter of finesse and intelligence, they have the strength to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. The twist comes in the story when the connection of both Dhananjay and Nikhil gets linked with these serial killings.

There have been some such incidents near both of them, due to which these words have started. There comes an occasion when both of them stand against each other, and the game of doubt starts in the web series. It is not so that the killer is someone inside who is a man to fulfill a bond.

You are trying to deceive with a different identity. After all, who is the Ashur in the story? Who plays with the life of a person by taking the help of mythology and then destroys his whole body and throws it in front of the police like a trophy? If you want to find answers to the questions, then do not delay watching Asur at all.

The look makes the series special. There is suspense added to it, which starts getting deeper as the episodes progress. I can say that this is the first web series in which Hollywood-level planning and plotting is seen in Dil Pe Haath Rakh Ke. Some such disturbing scenes have been inserted, which can take away your sleepless nights for a few days, and maybe some strange pictures stick in your eyes. Which will be very difficult to get rid of, but the biggest stand is hidden.

In Mastermind Killer, who keeps dancing the entire web series here and there on his gestures. Whether to throw dust in your eyes or to deceive the characters of the show with love, this serial killer completes every task with absolute perfection. After a long time, a show has been seen in which the hero is very clever, but the villain proves to be even more dangerous than what you had heard about the mouse cat game.

In short words, Bolu To Asur is an intense thriller that will make your mind go round and round. The chance to see on the screen is going to give you the effect. The only condition is that your full attention should be on this web series, or else if you miss a single thing by mistake, then keep repenting.

The bird will touch the field and go away. From my side, four stars out of five for the strong performance of stars Varun Sobti and Arshad Warsi for the extra terrifying suspense, extra for keeping the science and logic alive in the story, and for the extra director, sir, who made even a fictional killer look real.

Talking about the negative, Ek Star Katega for the screenplay of the opening episode, which is a bit slow, due to which your attention may wander here and there.

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Asur Web Series is an eight episode web series based on the murder mystery/ suspense detective TV series produced and aired by Tanveer Bookwal of Ding Entertainment. The series is based in the modern day Mumbai.

The first two Asur Webisodes has been instrumental in bringing about critical acclaim for Tanveer’s India based suspense thriller series.

The Asur Web Series is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is an award winning writer and director. The movie has been promoted by the Home Box Office in India. The movie is scheduled to release in various select countries beginning in India on April 14th, 2021.

The movie is targeted at a global audience and is written, directed and starred by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The image used for the background of the main character in this Asur web series is taken from a photograph of the rooftop of an ancient palace in Jaipur, India.

The first two Asur web series episodes focused on the relationship between Shri Navratri and Navara, two families whose affluent and royal status is threatened by the arrival of the “Godfather of Evil” in Asur. The story revolves around the murder of one of the kings of Asur.

In the second episode, the investigation about the murder proceeds and the identity of the Godfather of Evil is finally exposed. The third and fourth instalments are in the same direction and follow the events between the final death of King Veeraballa and his murder at the hands of his son Duryodha.

The main lead in this Asur Hindi web series is Sharib Hashmi, who plays the role of the sharp-tongued investigator, always capable of making heads turn with his scientific and logical answers to any questions put to him.

His logical and deciphered reasoning makes him a perfect fit as the main suspect in this murder case. Besides, Sharib Hashmi’s energetic personality comes across well in this show. He is always seen in a lighthearted mood and does not seem to be bothered about the mannerisms of the other characters in the show.

Another actor playing a pivotal role in the Asur series is Om Puri. An aspiring serial killer, Om has a unique double personality. On the one hand he is the gentle and kind father of two teenage girls living in a small village in rural India. But on the other hand he is a ruthless killer and has killed more than thirty people including the entire family of the aforementioned girl. Om’s character is depicted by an intense poster graphic that was released just before the first episode of the series.

Om Puri’s intense facade and cold-blooded mannerisms are some of the main ingredients of the show that makes it different from the others. The leading male role in the web series is that of the detective, played by Shazahn Padamsee. He is the main protagonist in this show and has a personal battle with his own personal demons.

One of the things that make up for the difference between Om Puri and many of the other characters in this series is that his obsession with catching the culprit is almost obsessive.

Most of the other characters in the show do not have this same drive. Even though the investigation seems to be going in slow motion, with no solid leads in sight, Om Puris stubbornly clings to the thought that someday he will find the person responsible for his daughter’s death.

The Indian crime thriller web series directed by Sharad Devarajan also stars Priyadarshan Sahoo, who plays the role of the investigator. The story of the series revolves around a young girl, Hana, who lives a comfortable life in a wealthy neighborhood of New Delhi. She goes to her new home with her mother, sisters and two younger brothers when her house is suddenly robbed.

Fearing that her daughters are in real danger, Hana runs away to a nearby forest to hide. However, while she is alone she encounters a hooded figure who performs strange magic. After discovering that the assailant is in fact an experienced illusionist, Hana is able to use her telekinetic powers to capture the hooded man who tries to rape her.

The telekinetic abilities of the young Hana become very useful when she uses them to escape from the hooded stranger who attempts to rape her and stealing her purse. This allows her to help the police in their investigation of the crimes that had taken place. The kidnapping of the girls by this mysterious hoodlum was one of the first instances of a serial kidnapping in modern times.

The viewer soon realizes that the girl was not the target of this crime but the victim because she was able to use her telekinetic abilities to force the hoodwinked man to let go of her purse. Although this show has some very dark elements such as serial murders and kidnappings, it is an intriguing and unique take on the mystery genre and is worth watching if you like thriller and supernatural thrillers.


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