Newcomer to Bollywood – Web Series

The web series “Web Series” or better known as a Web Drama is one of the hottest Indian Television shows at the moment. Due to the worldwide pandemic, it’s impossible for regular fans to get to theatres and at their convenience come some of the finest web series of recent times. There have been no releases of any web series in recent days. A lot of fan communities have expressed their happiness and have celebrated the milestone. The fans went to such an extent that there was a petition started to make this the first web series to win an Academy Award for Best Television Series.

This web series has got so much popularity, it almost got voted into the next category for the next season. The web series has so many loyal followers, the demand and supply of tickets are out of proportion and the sales are much higher than the sales of tickets. People have been seen going wild over web series like Webzilla, Webmasters, Web custody and the first ever web series of 21st century.

The web series can be watched live on GDI (Global Domestick Database), Yahoo, Viki, Hotmail, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, MSN, Epsilon Net and other streaming portals. The web series has had phenomenal sales figures, and the streaming numbers have been equally good. It is because of this popularity that the company which is releasing the next web series has decided to release it as a streaming web series instead of a television series. Jago Web, the company which is producing the show is also taking good care of its streaming followers.

Jago Web, has acquired a large sum of money from investors, has announced two new web series ‘2021’ and ‘Equality’. These two shows are in production now and it is said that the streaming ratings for these two shows have been quite satisfactory. Earlier, Jago Web had announced that he was going to take the lead role of the company that is creating the television series. But later he announced that he will only act in the episode which is being created by him.

In the web series, Jago Web will play the role of Kota Factory who is a fictional character created by the creator of the web series. The story revolves around the life of Kota Factory who is a young boy. His mother passes away and his father passes away after a brief war. He then steps up to manage the factory but things do not go his way and he is accused of stealing from his employer and his friends, forcing him to go into exile.

Now, in the web series titled Web Noir, Jago Web will play the role of Detective Shiv Raja amidst a society of vampires and werewolves. As per the description of the web series, this new web series named as Web Noir, is based on the life of renowned bounty hunter, detective, Jago Bell who is a master of survival. Bell has been hired by a private agency to track down and capture a serial killer who has been committing crimes in the middle of Mumbai. The show promises a thrilling and bloody series where the lives of the main characters will be at stake.

So far we have seen the first episode of the web series featuring Jago Bell. The interesting part about Web Noir is that it is based on a Hindi Novel called “Nazar”, written by Amish Tripathi. The novel has also been adapted as the first film of the franchise. The web series has been shot on location in India and most of the locations where the novel was based are now in India. The main lead of the web series, Jago Bell is played by Sunny Deol. The other major characters of Web Noir are Sunita Mani, Naveen Kalahera, Ravi Teja, Priyadarshan Sahoo, Srikanth Raju, Kavita Prabhu and Karthik Goen.

The promising web series Web Noir is yet to air on some of the popular channels. Only some of its episodes are available for view on various sites and web-streaming websites. We can expect lots of viewer excitement for the web series and many more from Sunny Deol, who is one of the key players in the Bollywood movie industry. While releasing Web Noir on HotStar, the company also revealed few of the songs that will feature in the film. The song, which will be played during the first few minutes of the movie, is titled “Indian Love” which is performed by Kavita Prabhu.

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