Top 7 Best Web Series in Hindi

Today I have brought the most requested post for you, in which we are going to talk about some amazing web series full of action adventure and thrill. Taking very less time without spoiler, we will know about top seven Hindi dubbed superhero shows. So friends, let’s start

TOP 7 – Titans


Titans, these three superhero drama shows The Teenage Super Hero Team of DC Comics is West on Team Titans and puts the action packed adventures of this young superhero team in front of us. In the issue, we see that this disbanded team of super heroes is reformed by some of its members. After this reunion, these super heroes become even more powerful. Then together they fight against the force. Friends, 771 web script story and accident performances of explosive action you will get in this show It is going to be an amazing experience to see teenage super heroes with amazing super powers doing explosive action. Don’t miss out on the efforts for you at all. Its two seasons have been released so far, with a total of 24 episodes. That is, you can root in Hindi on Netflix.

TOP 6 – Daredevil


Number six in the list, Daredevil. This is a crime drama superhero series by Marvel Comics character developer Best. The lead character of this show i.e. the superhero of the show is blind. He fights crime as a lawyer during the day and fights criminals by becoming a superhero deadpool at night. Friends, if you want to watch only comet fight, then you must try this show. It has three seasons in which total 37 episodes. This show is available in Hindi on Netflix. If you can ignore some kissing scenes, then you can also enjoy it with the family.

TOP 5 – Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is at number five, this is also an amazing superhero series from the Marvel Universe, which is based on a bag female superhero character. Friends, if it is compared to Marvel’s show Devils, then it is a much better show than it in terms of entertainment. The show’s story follows the lead character, Jaisa Jones, who after the tragic end of her superhero career becomes a private investigator and tackles some remarkable cases. The dark pass of Jessica’s life also makes her life’s project tough and challenging and the daily challenges coming in her life make this show interesting. Friends, the lead story and action sequences of this show are very amazing and its powerful villain is also very attractive. Three seasons of this have been released so far and it is available in Hindi on Netflix.

TOP 4 – Luke Cage

luke cage

At number four Luke Cage is also an interesting superhero show based on the Marvel Comics character. But talking about the character story of the show, then this show is more interesting and entertaining than Marvel’s Devil and Jessica Jones. Its story follows the lead character who gets super strength and unbreakable skin after experimentation. After his bad pass. This superhero tries to lead a peaceful life, but it doesn’t happen as he has to face his past and have a tomato fight with super villains for his city. So both the strong superheroes and strong villains of this show are very interesting. The action packed battle between them is even more interesting so don’t miss it. Its two seasons have been released so far which are available in Hindi on Netflix.

TOP 3 – Umbrella Academy

Umbrella Academy

number three. Umbrella Academy is an interesting and very popular superhero show, both the seasons of which have been in the list of most wanted shows of Netflix. The reason for the popularity of this show is its story special, its funny characters, their strength superpowers, this era interesting story is centered around the adopted, sibling, dysfunctional family. All these Shivling have different super powers. All these trains are super heroback reunites. He tries to solve his father’s death mystery and also tries to save the human world from an upcoming sight. These super heroes with their stress power will entertain you a lot with their action and will tell you their comic timings. So you must try this interesting concoction. Its two seasons have been released and in view of their popularity, the show has been renewed for the third season. Both its seasons are available in Hindi on Netflix.

TOP 2 – The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

At number two is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier , this is an amazing mini-series of the Marvel Universe, whose first episode was released on Disney Plus on Ninth March 2021. And broke all the viewership records of Disney Plus so far. This was the Most Antispatial Series of 2021. Super Hero is quite popular among fans as this series has been able to match the expectation level of the files. Ahead of Avengers Endgame, a series of events shows us where Sam and the rest together go on an adventure journey. Test your ability and your skills. Friends, the first episode of this show has been released so far and now one episode will be released on week one. Its four final episodes are going to be released on the ninth April 21. You can root the show in Hindi on Disney Plus Hot Star. Friends, a lot of Marvel superhero shows are going to be released this year and 2021 .

TOP 1 – Boss


Boss is at number one, this is a very popular superhero show, which almost all superhero fans must have seen by now. What kind of superhero show came out of the Marvel and DC Universe, which created a different fan base through its different concepts, story and characters? The show Unexpected also became quite popular, due to which Amazon Studios released its Hindi dubbed version and also renewed it for the third season. Along with this, its expansion series is also being made. How is the Ashoka interesting story set in a universe where the general public considers super heroes to be gods? But behind this good image, these superheroes are corrupt and diseases. Now a Vigilante team tries to take down the Boss Encrypted Super Heroes. Interesting story is the best combo of comedy, drama and action, so don’t miss this show. It has two seasons released so far which you can root on Amazon Prime in Hindi. You Know Can Fight. Superman Million Strong. Yes. Fertilizer Me Fucking Bus Guys, These were Seven Best Superhero Web Series Available in Hindi. Apart from these, there are many more amazing superhero researches in English, which I will bring to you in a separate post. thanks for Visiting.


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