Web series meaning

There are some shows on the television that just blow your mind with their web series meaning and symbolism. The same is true for Indian TV serials too. A popular web series meaning is Lord of the Rings, a long running fantasy television show which has been a great success in the UK and other parts of Europe and America.

If you have a look at the poster of an English version of Lord of the Rings, it will get very clear why it is so loved by people of all ages. But this is not the only web series meaning that can be found online.

The most-watched web series meaning in India is undoubtedly Bhagavan Ghatak (collaborations), a popular Tamil soap opera. It has been such a hit with Tamil viewers that it has extended over two seasons on the free to air channel in India.

Another interesting twist on the story is that it has been licensed for telecasting on the Thai television network Televinews. The Bhagavan Ghatak is a great example of how a web series can spread its cultural influence and it is also a perfect example of how Tamil and English can converge while making a popular television series.

Web series meaning

The other web series meaning that can be found online is the Ullu app from Google. The main characters are a family of virtual dolls who communicate using a mobile messaging system. The most fascinating aspect of the show is that it is completely free to watch on the Android mobile operating system.

The app is like a real life representation of what a virtual family could be like, and it is a great example of how online television can help to bridge cultural divides and differences.

The show revolves around a middle class girl called Ullu (played by Appola Vijay) who lives in a small houseboat in Kerala in India.

She is the only child of the family who barely manages to send home money for the daily expenses. Her brother Ravi (Naveen Kaushik), who works as a taxi driver, is her best friend. The two of them belong to another part of the world, but their love for each other remains undiminished despite the distance they have to live.

Ullu’s life is brought to a halt one day when her father passes away. She returns home only to find that her friends have also gone off to sea to get married and take their fate into their own hands.

Ullu desperately wants to hold on to her father’s legacy, but she knows that her father would never approve of her going off to sea with her friends. This is where the series begins to show the deterioration of Ullu’s relationship with her father, which is accompanied by bouts of depression and jealousy.

Web series meaning
Romantic Web series

The death of Ullu’s father has not been in vain. In fact it has spurred her on to pursue an education. She enrolls in the second-tier women’s college in Kumarakom, and the show follows her efforts to get through school, earn a degree and fulfill her father’s dream of becoming a marine scientist.

All this while, Ullu has to juggle with the often intrusively controlling and domineering mother, who think she should be studying and not working.

As the series progresses, we learn more about the complications Ullu goes through in attempting to balance her life between her studies, her mother and her father.

In one episode, she even gets to witness the murder of her best friend. This act shakes Ullu awake and changes her perspective on life. In the final episode of the web series free, she and the other female characters get to finally visit their dead relatives’ hometowns to pay their last respects.

The townspeople honor their departed souls by burning their bodies on a pyre, but Ullu is reluctant to participate in the funeral ritual, as she is still deeply in love with dense.

What is interesting about Ullu’s character is that she is forced to reconsider her love for her father while struggling with the conflict between her dreams and her feelings for her deceased mother.

Though the death of a loved one can seem sudden, meaningful death is always momentous in its own way, and our own existence is threatened by environmental factors. Is it not absurd then, to devote your time in a web series hai xpensive study? What better commemoration than a web series that celebrates the lives and work of our ancestors?


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