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Yes, many Indian Web Series can be found on YouTube which you can easily watch for free. However, if you’re confused as to the selection. Here are few top picks for your liking Indian web series on YouTube which can be watched freely. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

The first movie in the list is called “Indian Mythology” and it’s actually one of my favorites. This amazing show revolves around ancient Indian Mythology. The main character is an 11-year-old girl and she must deal with three sides of friends who tease her and hate her because she’s an orphan.

This show is available in English and in various languages and can be viewed at any time. So here’s the pick of the best web series on YouTube.

The next series follows a group of misfits in Mumbai who are thrown into prison because of their actions. “Web Seller” revolves around a group of guys who sell products on eBay and make a bit of money along the way. It’s set in Mumbai. The name of the company is “E-Bay”, which stands for eBay India.

The show was actually on MTV before it got switched to TV and now it’s available on YouTube. Watch it at least once and you’ll get hooked.

“A.I.S.H” is another fantastic series follows a group of computer programmers in India. The lead character is an A.I.S.H scientist who’s main job is to crack the big security problem of India.

You can’t simply stop thinking about the word “cyber” in this series. It must be a crime that this show hasn’t been cancelled already. If it had, I’d have nothing to write.

“Indian Love Stories” has been getting a lot of attention ever since it was launched. It’s a web series based in India and it follows love stories revolving around four themes. The theme is “family and love”. Watch the first episode and you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

“Indian Superstar” is yet another fantastic web series on YouTube. The name speaks for itself, as this is a popular channel in India. This is the story of how cricket transformed itself from an obscure sport to a national pastime in India.

The series follows cricketers of Indian origin and the journey of their cricketing careers. It’s a great television series and if you like cricket you’ll really like this one.

My personal favorite free web series starring Priyadarshan Soman Nair is called “Mumbai High School Show”. You can find out all about Mumbai in this web series, as Mumbai is one of the most famous cities in India.

This web series has been going for many years now and it will go on to be an integral part of the Indian social scene in the coming years. Mumbai is a major tourist destination in the country, so you can expect a few hilarious scenes in this one. You can also look out for an all inclusive trip to Mumbai in the near future.

If you’re looking to watch tv series online, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of brilliant ones on YouTube. So, go ahead and check out some of your favorites. Indian TV on YouTube gives you an easy way to access all these fantastic shows from the best channels available.

And don’t forget that you could even watch tv series on YouTube for free – the official site is a great way to get started with it. Start downloading amazing Indian shows and Indian movies to your computer right now!



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