The film would be an entertaining outing for Mammootty fans and others looking for some déjà vu-worthy action drama story.

Bheeshma Parvam Story: Micheal helms his influential family in Kochi, inspiring fear and respect through his unnerving past.

When a few younger members in the household feel his power over their lives too are aggravating, they join hands with foes to clamp down on him.

Bheeshma Parvam Review: Before Bheeshma Parvam’s release, many in its team had hinted the film is the story of families, and it has elements from Mahabharatha

The Godfather and more for the audience to look forward to. What you get at the theatres is an entertaining story with elements borrowed from them all

From those who have tons of reasons to fear him to others who love him for what he has done for the family, Micheal’s (Mammootty) household is filled with members of many personality shades.

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